Courtney Moore

I began my lifetime as an artist when I was able to pick up a pencil, probably around age 3 or 4, and began taking art classes diligently at age 13. I have been tattooing at Sick Made for about two years. My favorite styles are horror, black and gray realism and illustrative tattoos. The music I listen to, books I read, and people I meet daily inspire me and influence my work. Aside from tattooing, my favorite hobbies include drawing, painting, playing guitar, and traveling. A few of my favorite artists include Paul Booth, Evan Olin, and Gustave Dore (illustrator). The best part about being a tattoo artist for me is being able to do what I have always loved to do and seeing my work on another living person. The permanence of the experience does match anything else in this world.If I could describe my art in one word it would be "unusual". 
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